Divider Overview

Today’s Divider curtain responds to the demands on sport space by providing flexibility and multi-use management to athletic and recreational facilities. The term ‘flexible’ for the divider curtain applies to the partition that can adapt to the needs of space layout with greater speed and efficiency than the standard partition. The divider curtain is not only the most economic option for shared space solutions, it is also the most adaptable. Building constraints are easily accommodated with unlimited range in spans and multiple choices of material components and operating systems. Retractable or manual, single or double, opaque or translucent, acoustic, sloping or arched the divider curtain is design responsive, safe and affordable. This unlimited list of options makes all the more reason to turn to a brand that is reputed and long standing. As a national manufacturer with a half century long success in the development and supply of some of the largest and most complex dividers in the nation, QUED brand is one that you can feel confident will deliver and often exceed the level of quality and performance desired. Look to our list of recommended considerations in choosing the ideal curtain. Look to our tips to avoiding failures and unexpected costs.

Richmond Oval - British Colombia, Canada

What to consider

Potential Causes of Failure or Unexpected Costs