Acoustic Double Wall Divider Curtain


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Last update on August 2nd, 2017.

The Curtain

The “Double Wall” divider curtain system offers acoustical values up to 37db by virtue of the thickness of the vinyl material used and the 2-layer construction. This traditional style acoustic divider continues to out perform other acoustic designs due to the increased amount of air insulation as a result of the amount of space between the two vinyl walls.

Design features include wall-to-wall fit with a centered lift pipe that remains clear of the floor and cable connectors dispersed throughout. Valences and alcoves are required for safety and to further the acoustic performance.

The Operation

Drive shafts couple to a central winch, operates the web lift lines on 10’-0”(3048mm) centres. Silent bearings and direct drive limit switch complete the drive mechanism.

As the belts raise the bottom tube, it lifts the cross cables placed at 30”(762mm) centres and causes the walls of the curtain to hang in folds on either side of the lifting mechanism. In the full down position, the lifting tube remains 6”(152mm) above the floor with the vinyl resting directly on the floor on either side of the tube.

The Hardware

The system includes a 3-phase thermally protected reversing electric motor with electric brake, coupled to a minimum 60:1 double output worm gear transmission sized and selected to the curtains requirements. The 1-3/4”(45mm) HSS drive shafts are attached with flexible couplings to each output shaft of the transmission box. The drive shaft is supported by flange-mounted bearings at 10’-0”(3048mm) centres, maximum. The take-up reels are yo-yo style eliminating curtain from walking when operated.

Operation is by a spring-loaded key switch on one or both sides of the curtain.

A 1.6”(41mm) diameter steel tube supports the tops of the curtain panels. The bottom-lifting pipe is a heavy gauge 2” diameter pipe.

Inertia safety brakes operated directly on the lifting tube, and do not require chains or sprockets.

All shaft and hardware parts are zinc plated.

Alcoves are manufactures from dense open cell foam, upholstered in 25oz/sq.yd (0.85kg/sq.m) vinyl, colour matched to curtain colour unless otherwise requested. The alcoves are a standard 5” (127mm) wide, 12” (305mm) deep vinyl covered foam with a ½” (12mm) plywood backing mounted to the wall with steel brackets.

Valences are made from matching vinyl and have a complete bottom pocket. The two panels should be attached as close as possible to the decking with cut outs for mechanical and HVAC done by the installer.

Material Properties

The curtain is manufactured from heavy duty 32 oz/sq.yd (1.1kg/sq.m) fire and smoke-rated vinyl, reinforced with polyester scrim. The curtain is manufactured of continuous horizontal lengths, welded and double-stitched together. Solid Drings are sewn at 30” (762mm) centres along the horizontal seams. D-Rings on the facing wall of the curtain are linked with 3/32” (2.4mm) diameter aircraft wire cables. The bottom hems have #4 spur grommets at 8” (203mm) centres.

The vinyl meets or exceeds the California Fire Marshall and NFPA standards for flame resistance. A label from a qualified testing laboratory, certifying flame resistance and smoke rating of the curtain shall be attached to the bottom of the curtain.

The QUED Avantage

  • Silent operation shaft drive for complete reliability with flexible couplings.
  • 9m/min.(30 ft./min)raising and lowering speed.
  • Hardware is entirely zinc plated except motor & transmission.
  • Direct drive with flexible couplings, no chain drives.
  • Magnetic contactors with overload protection.
  • Electric brake and inertia brake included.
  • Folds to within 48”(1220mm) of support structure.
  • High strength reinforced custom vinyl material.
  • Available with matching colour foam alcoves and valences.
  • 5 year warranty on motor and drive.
  • 2 year warranty on vinyl curtain.


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