Center Roll Divider Curtain


The QUED brand Center Roll is an exclusive patented design system that has become the most effective and popular on the market today. The integrated drive system positioned at the center line retracts the divided panels simultaneously thus eliminating the high stress areas associated with cable lifts. Even more significant, this unique retractable system has an extremely fast lifting speed. The typical 28 ft high Center Roll will retract in 60 seconds. Due to the great success and track record of this divider system there exists some knock-off versions which do not compare to the quality and lift speeds the QUED brand Center Roll delivers. Consider the following list of attributes this divider offers:

  • No support bearings required as in other roll up systems;
  • Double speed as top and bottom roll up simultaneously;
  • Motor can be easily serviced, no scaffolding required;
  • No stress points on the vinyl;
  • Trouble free installation;
  • High clearance lift, within 254 mm (10 in.) from top of curtain and 406 mm (16 in.) from top of structure;
  • Divider can be reversed at any point of travel or left at any height for convenience of multiple levels of partitioning;
  • Smooth continuous vinyl panel is especially suited to digital graphics.

Despite the many design attributes of the QUED brand Center Roll, this curtain is affordable, coming in as comparable in price to most single wall models on the market.

We encourage you to reach out to our team who is always available to discuss your divider options and impart their expertise in finding the best divider solution for your facility.

The Curtain

The Centre Roll® is a compelling choice in divider curtain systems, which offers significant features not available on other designs. Considerably easier to install, the Centre Roll® is often the most economic choice in electrically operated dividers. The unique design permits greater flexibility, allowing different materials and colours between the upper and lower sections. Added to this, the sections can be of different widths, effectively allowing a passageway while restricting errant balls.

Supply and install one Centre Roll® curtain. This modern design offers some very unique features, such as:

  • The curtain will rise to within 254mm (10 ») from the supports.
  • There are no lifting cables or highly stressed mounting points.
  • The curtain can be installed on an existing Walkdraw track that is considerable advantage when upgrading to an electrically operated curtain.

The Operation

To raise the curtain, the aluminum tube at the center rotates and climbs up the curtain rolling up the upper and lower sections simultaneously. The curtain roll flat with no highly stressed areas and the operation is barely audible. A car takes the torque reaction of the motor and runs on a track that remains stationary. Alternatively, the torque can be transmitted through a belt that rolls up with the curtain. This design does not require any hardware attached to the walls.

Operation is by a spring-loaded key switch, which is directly accessible and contained in a supplied, all steel enclosure. The electrical supply is 110 Volt 10 Amp single phase and is permanently connected by others. Some curtains may require a secondary synchronized motor where the size dictates.

The Hardware

The Centre Roll® divider is made up of an upper and a lower section, which are attached to an exposed anodize aluminum tube at half curtain height. The tube contains an internal motor, gears and electric brake. The motor is supplied with a limit switch and thermal protection. Manual overrides are also available for a slight additional cost, which permits the curtain to be manually raised or lowered in case of electrical failure.

Material Properties

The curtain consists of two equal sections. The lower section is constructed of vinyl while the upper section is either vinyl or Flexmesh. The vinyl is 0.61 kg/m2 (18 oz/sq.yd.) or 0,85 kg/m2 (25 oz/sq.yd.) vinyl coated polyester, with similar appearance and embossed on both sides, resistant to staph, rot and mildew. Flexmesh is 0,24 kg/m2 (7 oz/sq.yd.) vinyl coated polyester capable of resisting UV degradation. The vinyl and Flexmesh meet or exceed the California Fire Marshall and NFPA standards for flame resistance. A label from a qualified testing laboratory, certifying flame resistance and smoke rating of the curtain shall be attached to the bottom of the curtain. The top edge of the curtain can be either a hem containing #4 spur grommets spaced at 305mm (12”) centre’s for mounting on an existing track, or a pocket to contain a 40.6 mm (1.6”) diameter pipe for mounting directly to a beam. The bottom of the upper section and the top of the lower are hemmed and contain a 4.74mm (3/16”) diameter cable to fit and hold the curtain sections in the groove of the drive tube.

The QUED Avantage

  • Exclusive design available only from Qued in Canada (from Porter Athletic Equipment Ltd. Exclusively in the U.S.A.).
  • Ultra-high lift for a maximum clearance (10” (254mm) to underside of support in raised position).
  • No high stress points as entire curtain rolls up evenly across the entire width.
  • Simple installation does not require oversized overhead structure.
  • All Plated or anodized hardware.
  • Electric brake and inertia brake included.
  • 110V power requirement, 6A only.
  • Unique design that does not require routine maintenance.
  • Lower section of can be replaced with minimum cost.
  • 5 year warranty on motor and drive.
  • 2 year warranty on vinyl curtain.


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