Electrafold Divider Curtain


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Last update on August 2nd, 2017.

The Curtain

This traditional curtain system has been modified, tweaked, and adapted to the needs of today’s sporting facilities, to perform reliably and efficiently compared to most other available systems on the market. As far as cable lift systems go, the QUED Electrafold and Electra-Brail systems are undeniably the most durable divider curtains available in their class. From all zinc plated hardware and double turned quadruple sewn edges, to it’s standard grooved aluminum cable drums and nylon silent shaft bearings, this system will provide any sports facility many satisfied years of service.

QUED has combined all of its years of knowledge from divider curtain manufacturing to provide you with a strong, aesthetically pleasing, and trustworthy electric vertically folding divider curtain. These vertically folding divider curtains are available in any material available; all vinyl, vinyl and Flexmesh combinations, vinyl and Sports Net combination, as well as all Flexmesh or Sports Net.

Trust the QUED Electrafold and its history of transformations to provide any facility with exactly what they require in way of partitioning a space effectively and safely!

Our newest available option is invisible cables lines for the lower 9’-0”(2743mm) to prevent the facility users from dangerously getting caught up in exposed cable lift lines. Ask your local dealer about this available safety option.

The Hardware

The most common problem associated with cable drive accordion folding divider curtains is the stretching of the lifting cables. QUED has reduced this problem by employing grooved wind-up reels mounted directly over each grommet line, which greatly reduces the steel cable length. Stretched cables are hazardous because they can protrude from the curtain in the down position and can cause bodily injuries.

From the floor up to the support, QUED’s hardware is supplied zinc plated, galvanized, or aluminum finish. The reliable system of the cable lift Electrafold and Electra-Brail divider curtains will never shows signs of being tired. Aircraft grade cables are attached in shop directly the vinyl curtain bottom pocket seam, providing a user friendly finish that will never fray or cause risk of hurting anyone. All stainless steel grommets or d-rings will not rust or weaken, and aluminum grooved drums terminate the cable at the drive shaft directly above.

The standard supplied Zinc plated steel drive shaft supported on nylon silent bearings are powered by QUED’s own motor system. Unique with it’s overload protection and electric brake motor, coupled with low voltage maintained key switch operation, this 60:1 reduction transmission with built in limit switches could be used for industrial use. Standard 30 foot (9144mm) per minute travel is obtained from the standard supplied 2 hp motor and reduction system. It may be over built for its needs, however it will not fail the day before a big event. Safety is not compromised, and neither should the durability of a divider curtain.

Instant reversing motors and drive belts are not equal to a continuous rated industrial fan cooled motor using magnetic contactors and a direct-coupled gear reducer, incorporating a low voltage key switch. Instant reversing motors put full line voltage and currents through the key switch and because of their fractional horsepower design, they must be low-geared and are slow to operate.

The Operation

The curtain is raised on 1/8”(3mm) aircraft cables on 10’-0”(3048mm) centres passing through #4 stainless steel grommets on 18”(457mm) centres on the vertical plane. The cables wind up on 4”(100mm) diameter grooved drums directly over lift lines with quick adjustment at the top of cable. There are no cable clamps or unsightly ends protruding from the bottom of the curtain that can cause injury. The lower ballast pipe is permanently fixed to curtain and can not protrude from the curtains ends even after years of service.

Electrafolds and Electra-Brails are not recommended to be fabricated with vinyl’s heavier than 32oz./sq.yd(1.1kg./sq.m.). Curtains that are higher than 25’-0”(7620mm) should not be fabricated with vinyl lighter than 25oz./sq.yd.(.85kg./sq.m.).

Material Properties

The curtain shall be symmetrical and square. Slight concave on the sides of the curtain are permissible with Vinyl and Sports Net combinations due to the natural lay of the netting. The Electrafold and Electra-Brail divider curtains manufacture by QUED offer the most extensive available options for materials. All Vinyl divider curtains will provide a solid visual barrier, while a Vinyl and Flexmesh combination will allow for light and air flow from one side to the other, and when the most light and airflow is required the Vinyl and Sports Netting combination is the ultimate choice. All materials and combinations are supplied with the same quality, and are coupled with QUED’s standard 2 year guarantee to be free from defects.

The QUED Avantage

  • Silent operation shaft drive for complete reliability with flexible couplings.
  • High Speed operation: 30’-0” (9144mm)/min (except in cases with special requirements).
  • Hardware entirely zinc plated or galvanized, except for the winch mechanism.
  • Magnetic contactors with overload protection and electric brake motor.
  • Folds to within 30” (762mm) from underside of structure.
  • Available matching colour vinyl valences and alcoves options.
  • 5 year warranty on motor and drive.
  • 2 year warranty on vinyl curtain.


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