Isolator Acoustic Roll Up Divider Curtain


The Isolator is available in any of QUED’s durable embossed vinyl weights, with options for open mesh top. It is supplied with 3 independent panels allowing the facility to easily choose multiple colours and/or a mesh top panel for light and air to pass

This particular model of divider curtain allows the customer to pick and choose from all of QUED’s available options, including valences, alcoves, imprinted logo’s on vinyl, padded bottom, and manual override.

The divider is capable of providing a limited acoustic benefit when the model chosen includes all vinyl construction combined with the options for valence and alcoves. Without any one of these options, the acoustic benefit is no more than a single wall divider curtain.

The construction of the curtain includes 3 independent panels, one upper and two lower, allowing the facility to choose from different combinations of material and colours. The dual lower panel is not just for show, but it isolates the impact of one sport from disturbing the ongoing activity on the other side.

The roll up action of the divider curtain is one of QUED’s many innovative creations, and allows the system to operate at nearly twice the lifting speed than any other divider curtain manufacturer offers. The centre roll up system rolls both the upper and lower sections simultaneously, eliminating any bulky hardware at the ceiling. This allows the system to roll up to within 500 mm (20 in.) of the support structure.

This curtain system also provides dual safety as it incorporates an electric brake directly engaged with the motor, and a secondary safety brake to back it up. There are no chances taken when your safety is at play.

When you choose the QUED Isolator, you can expect to get all the benefits of a high-end system without breaking your budget. The Isolator will provide years of reliable service at the right price, and it will not disappoint any expectations.

Contact us for more information on how this divider curtain system might be perfect for your facility, and we will make sure you get the best service from one of our local representatives in your area.

The Curtain

The “Isolator Roll Up” is the most economical acoustic curtain of the Roll Up Acoustic models. The Acoustic Roll Up curtain is designed to roll up to the ceiling retracting to half the space of traditional models. This patented design has been engineered to be efficient and easy to maintain.

Design features include one single upper wall that can be solid vinyl or Flexmesh if lighting and ventilation are concerns, and a double wall lower section that can be supplied in a contrasting color. The lower panels are independent with bottom pockets containing ballast pipes. Valences and alcoves are recommended for safety and to further the acoustic performance.

The Hardware

The system includes a 2hp, 3-phase tubular motor installed in one end of a custom anodized 110 mm (4 1/2") aluminum extrusion at half curtain height. The motor is thermally protected and contains an electric brake, planetary gear system and limit switches. Motor control is by electric contactors operated by a spring-loaded key switch.

The curtain can be supplied complete with valences and alcoves to completely seal off the gym when the curtain is down. The small 152mm (6”) space between curtain edges and the walls almost totally eliminates sound transmission, when installed with valences and alcoves. The roll up design reduces stress points and the curtain remains flat and crease free. The curtain rises to within 20”(508mm) of overhead and can accommodate wall to wall installations or allow for passage ways at one or both ends.

The Operation

When energized, the motor and center aluminum extrusion rotates, this results in the tube winding up the lower portion of the curtain panels as it rolls itself up the upper portion of the curtain. The torque reaction of the motor is transmitted via a car system that is contained in a flexible track mechanism mounted to the wall in line with the curtain from half height up to the overhead. The curtain rolls flat with no highly stressed areas and the operation is barely audible.

Operation is by a spring-loaded key switch, which is directly accessible and contained in a supplied, all steel enclosure. The electrical supply is 208 Volt 20 Amp single phase and is permanently connected by others. Some curtains may require a secondary synchronized motor where the size dictates.

Material Properties

The curtain consists of two lower panels, and one upper panel. They can be supplied full width, or accommodate for passage ways as desired. The vinyl is available in different weights, and can be supplied for all three panels, or the option for Flexmesh is available for the upper section to allow light and air transfer. The vinyl is coated polyester, with similar appearance and embossed on both sides, resistant to staph, rot and mildew. The vinyl meets or exceeds the California Fire Marshall and NFPA standards for flame resistance. A label from a qualified testing laboratory, certifying flame resistance and smoke rating of the curtain shall be attached to the bottom of the curtain.

The top edge of the curtain is a pocket that contains a 1.6”(40.6mm) diameter pipe for mounting directly to a beam. At mid height of the panels, a 4.74mm(3/16”) diameter cable is sewn enclosed into the vinyl to fit and hold the panels in the grooves of the lightweight aluminum drive tube.

The QUED Avantage

  • Exclusive design available only from Qued in Canada (from Porter Athletic Equipment Ltd. Exclusively in the U.S.A.).
  • Ultra-high lift for a maximum clearance (20” (508mm) to underside of support in raised position).
  • No high stress points as entire curtain rolls up evenly across the entire width.
  • Simple installation does not require oversized overhead structure.
  • 9m/min.(30 ft./min) raising and lowering speed.
  • Electric brake and inertia brake included.
  • Available option for manual override.
  • 208v 3phase power requirements, 6 amp only.
  • Unique design that does not require routine maintenance.
  • 5 year warranty on motor and drive.
  • 2 year warranty on vinyl curtain.


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