Walkdraw Divider Curtain


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Last update on August 2nd, 2017.

The Curtain

Supply and install one Qued Walkdraw Curtain. This curtain style should be specified where cost is the primary consideration.

This curtain is the most economical divider to install and maintain. It is available in a variety of styles, colours, and weights. The storage of the curtain is usually at one side of the gymnasium, perpendicular to the wall or along the side of a wall if a storage area doesn’t exist. It can be supplied in two sections or more, with the lower 8’-0” (2438mm) equipped with Velcro® strips on both leading edges to facilitate closing of the curtains.

The Hardware

A carrier with dual steel wheels mounted on ball bearings is provided every 12” (305mm) along the length of the curtain. A master carrier is provided at both ends to facilitate curtain movement for opening and closing. The track is a heavy-duty, double-T, aluminum extrusion and is supported every 7’0” (2135mm). The advantage of this type of track is that it is extremely durable and easily spliced and formed to suit required bends or turns in the track. The track can be bent at the job site or be pre-bent to facilitate installation and is suitable for both nylon and steel-wheeled carriers. Splices and track clamps can be attached to the upper half of the track and will not affect the smooth operation of the curtain. The curtain is attached to the carriers by sturdy S-hooks and plated adjusting chains.

Material Properties

The curtain is fabricated with fire and smoke-rated vinyl-coated polyester with similar appearance and embossed on both sides. Curtain can be supplied in solid vinyl or with the bottom 9’-0” (2745mm) in solid vinyl with an alternative material for the top portion (see options on material options sheet).

The top of the curtain contains a 3” (76mm) band of hemp that is totally concealed and sewn in quadruple. #4 spur grommets are used at each end of the curtain at 3” (76mm) centres to accept the master carriers, and 12” (305mm) centres across the top edge. The sides are hemmed over 2” (50mm) and double sewn to give a clean, durable edge. The bottom of the curtain has an 8” (203mm) pocket hemmed over and double sewn. The curtain is supplied with a drawstring (leader) in the lower pocket to pull through a chain if required for weighted bottom.

The width of the curtain must be ordered 10% larger than the width of the gymnasium to allow for fullness.

The QUED Avantage

  • Extra heavy duty track and steel sealed ball bearing carriers (see track section sketch).
  • Heavy wall track allows for larger spans between supports to accommodate all types of structure.
  • Identical appearance of vinyl on both sides.
  • 1-1/2” (38mm) overlap welded joints.
  • Fire certificate attached to curtain indicates on going testing.
  • No raw edges.
  • Hemp stiffener sewn into top band to secure grommets and prevent curtains from sagging between carriers.
  • 5 year warranty on motor and drive.
  • 2 year warranty on vinyl curtain.


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