Knotless Nylon 1¼ in.


The QUED 179 nylon architectural netting is ideally suited where a protective barrier is required which allows light and ventilation to function normally. This knotless version of braided multifilament net has an 1.25" aperture which sits square and unobstrusive. QUED Duradip coating allows for a wide choice of colors. Count on QUED expertise to receive a net that will deliver many years of quality performance.

QUED 179 Nylon Protective netting is a 1.25" square multifilament weave net that is supplied with rope border all around. The minimal stretch property and high breakstrength quality make this net model suitable for many diverse applications. State size required with order


Material Properties

  • 2.5mm nylon;
  • 1¼" square mesh;
  • 220 lbs. breakstrength;
  • Available in any size or colors;
  • Supplied with rope border on 4 sides;
  • Options: Vinyl sewn borders, vinyl pockets, grommets or weighted bottom.


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