Knotless Nylon ⅞ in.


The QUED 183 nylon golf netting is designed specifically to absorb golf balls. This knotless version of braided multifilament net boasts a high core strength which is compounded by the exclusive QUED Durapid coating formulated to shield the net from the harsh outdoor elements. Available in any custom size and color this longlasting net is extremely good value. Count on QUED expertise to receive a net that will deliver many years of quality performance.

QUED 183 nylon protective netting is a 7/8" square multifilament weave net. Installed with adequate fullness this net will perform at very close range. State size required with order.


Material Properties

  • 2.2mm nylon;
  • ⅞" square mesh;
  • 140 lbs. breakstrength;
  • Exclusive Duradip coating;
  • Supplied with rope border on 4 sides;
  • Options: Vinyl sewn borders, vinyl pockets, grommets or weighted bottom.


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