Netting Product Selection Guide

The QUED brand advantage

Selection Guide

Listed by size measured along a lengh of the net (i.e. 1¼ in. mesh would measure 1¼ in. X 1¼ in. square)

2-175 2-177 2-179 2-180 2-180 NFR 2-181 2-182 2-183
Net Mesh Size 89 mm
(3½ po.)
51 mm
(2 po.)
32 mm
(1¼ po.)
45 mm
(1¾ po.)
38 mm
(1½ po.)
45 mm
(1¾ po.)
32 mm
(1⅛ po.)
22 mm
(⅞ po.)
Material Composition Knotless Nylon
Fire Retardant
Knotless Nylon
Fire Retardant
Knotless Nylon
Knotless Nylon
Knotless Nylon
Fire Retardant
Knotless Nylon

Knotless Nylon

Knotless Nylon

Stand Diameter 3 mm 3,4 mm 2,5 mm 2,5 mm 2,1 mm 3 mm 1 mm 2,2 mm
Break Strengh (lbs) 295 lbs 320 lbs 220 lbs 220 lbs 150 lbs 295 lbs 90 lbs 140 lbs
Available Borders Rope Rope or Vinyl Rope or Vinyl Rope or Vinyl Rope or Vinyl Rope or Vinyl Rope or Vinyl Rope or Vinyl
Available Colors Natural Black Natural Black Dura Dip Dura Dip Natural Black Dura Dip Dura Dip Dura Dip
lbs/100 sq.ft. 3,3  5 4 3,5 4 4,5 3,5 4

Dura Dip colors: Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Grey, Tan.
Black is recommended for its superior resistance to ultra violet rays. The above net models represent our standard line up. Different material finishes and apertures are available upon request.
Net Panels over 2 000 sq.ft. are subject to additionnal discounts.
Net panels less than 200 sq.ft. will have a surcharge of 15%.

Our Recommended Applications

2-175 2-177 2-179 2-180 2-180 NFR 2-181 2-182 2-183
Architectural Product
Arena/Hockey Product Product Product
Baseball Product Product
Backstops/Batting Cages Product
Ceiling Product Product Product Product
Containment Product Product Product Product Product Product Product
Golf Product Product
Multipurpose Product Product Product Product Product
Soccer Product Product Product Product Product
Spectator Product Product Product Product Product Product Product Product
Tennis Product Product Product


Netting constructed to create divisions or in combination with opaque materials as windows are a convenient and cost effective measure to partition large spaces to provide unlimited management of space. Flexible and lightweight, netting panels are incorporated into project design to achieve division while respecting natural light and visual appeal. QUED brand options include color code matching, fire retardant treatments, weighted ballasts, vinyl bands and grommets. Suspended retractable systems or manually drawn, the QUED brand expertise and commitment to product quality integrates custom engineered dividers with facility specifics to deliver feature worthy components that stand up to years of use.


Arena / Hockey

Long before the NHL safety netting was sanctioned in 2002, QUED brand was supplying custom sized arena netting to municipal and recreation arenas. Over the many years as an approved supplier to the NHL, QUED further honed its expertise in responding to the supply of protective netting, adapting net panels to suit varying building constraints and installations. Black netting is the proven choice in minimizing visual obstruction and light absorption however a full range of colors are available. QUED brand arena netting panels are supplied with various finishing options and unlimited size configurations using high tensile and resilient mesh stabilized through a unique stretch test and Dura Dip coating to deliver superior performance and longevity.

#2-180 , #2-180 NFR , #2-181


The sport of baseball has gone through much debate over the response of addressing spectator safety while maintaining the sense of intimacy between fans and the athlete. Despite the assumption of risk doctrine or “The Baseball Rule” (where fans are held accountable for vigilant focus on the play) sport venue owners under new guidelines by the MLB are encouraged to address safety issues with the addition of spectator netting. With ball speeds and speed of play increasing, the discretion on the spectator’s reaction becomes less feasible and impractical. The minimum recommended protective netting from behind home plate to either the near ends of the dugouts or to any seat within 70 feet of the batter’s box has been adopted by most major league teams. Protective netting offers the cost effective solution to injury risk management for spectators. QUED brand baseball protective netting in knotted or knotless is UV stabilized with Dura Dip coating and triple crossover construction to deliver high performance, long lasting value with minimal viewing obstruction.

#2-180 , #2-181

Backstops / Batting Cages

QUED brand extra heavy weight protective netting is supplied as precision fit panels with fused seaming to form standard, irregular and/or three dimensional structures. Manually retracting or motorized hoisting systems are available to accommodate all ceiling slopes and cage configurations. Cage netting that is hung on the square with durable nylon material that has extended life properties, efficient ball containment with multifunctional applications. QUED brand cages bring performance and quality standards to new heights. Options include; Vinyl backdrops, Targets, Integrated doors.


Ceiling Netting

Custom net panels supplied in continuous panels with unlimited size constraint to create uniform, seamless and unobtrusive protection for lighting, HVAC systems & roofing structure. Complete range of finishing detail adapts to all structural aspects for ease of installation and aesthetic appearance. Full range of material selection, color spectrum and UV treatments to suit all quality and design requirements.

#2-179 , #2-180 , #2-180 NFR , #2-181


In its most versatile form, netting as containment solution knows no boundary. From the sport spectrum in use as protection, spatial management or storage; in construction for debris or safety; for wildlife as restraint; in transport and agriculture as containment. Flexible yet resilient, waterproof, UV stabilized, Fire retardant, multipurpose, economical and aesthetically pleasing, let our tem guide you toward a unique and affordable containment solution.

#2-175 , #2-177 , #2-179 , #2-180 , #2-180 NFR , #2-181 , #2-183


QUED brand golf netting standing up to errant and practise balls for indoor and outdoor applications offers resilient barrier properties with minimal visual impact. Supplied in seamless panels without size limitation for fairways, driving ranges, golf cages and residential use. Features include high tenacity multi strand braid mesh with UV stabilized abrasion resist properties with extended lifecycle properties. Consult our available models and finishing options for optimal performance.

#2-182 , #2-183


Netting panels that support multi-disciplinary use in sport and training facilities offering spatial solutions for programming schedules. These QUED brand hybrid net panels are multifunctional and stand up to most sport space demands at minimal costs offering long-term adaptive response to managing varying sport and recreational curriculums. Flexible and resilient netting panels with options of mesh size, weight, color, UV and FR properties and finishing options for retracting and/or storage functions.

#2-179 , #2-180 , #2-180 NFR , #2-181 , #2-183


Indoor and Outdoor soccer netting as used for barrier or perimeter applications are custom made to contain or divide sport space. QUED brand net panels conform to fit any specification with unlimited design options catering to unique requirements. Easy install options, tethering adjustments, high tenacity multifilament knotted or knotless, UV and/or FR retardant stabilizing include some features to consider for your soccer field netting project. Consult with our QUED brand team to determine the ideal netting solution.

#2-175 , #2-177 , #2-180 , #2-180 NFR , #2-181


An industry leader in the supply of indoor and outdoor custom made netting for spectator safety is a QUED brand distinction. Over four decades of field testing and fine-tuning has elevated the complete lineup of spectator netting to distinguish the QUED brand as best performing, longest lasting and most affordable on the market today. Attention to detail and quality at all levels of product development with specific care to balance effective control of spectator risk without compromise to the viewing experience. A fully integrated product with finishing detail to suit field installation for perfect fit performance.  Flexible and resilient netting panels with options of mesh size, weight, color, UV and FR properties and finishing options for retracting and/or storage functions.

#2-175 , #2-177 , #2-179 , #2-180 , #2-180 NFR , #2-181 , #2-182 , #2-183


Indoor and outdoor divider and/or barrier netting designed specifically for the sport of tennis. QUED brand tennis net panels conform to fit all court configurations with unlimited range in size and design options catering to all unique requirements. Easy to install, high tenacity multifilament braided netting, replacement bottom panel, weighted ballasts, UV and/or FR retardant stabilizing, retracting and/or storage include some features to consider. Consult with our QUED brand team to determine your ideal netting solution.

#2-180 , #2-180 NFR , #2-181