NHL Pro Hockey Goal Net


Ice Hockey Goal Nets designed to offer long lasting performance. Exclusive Skate Guard bonding coat technology sets QUED above the competition. Built to last with heavy weight nylon. Supplied complete with lacing twine and marking tabs for easy installation

QUED pro goal nets constructed of heavy weight 5mm knotless nylon to fit regulation hockey goals. Uniform one piece construction engineered to minimize puck deflection. Exclusive Skate guard coating shields outer strands while sustaining core strength. Goal frame is not included.

SKU 2-121
NHL Pro Hockey Goal Net

Material Properties

  • 5mm resin set nylon;
  • Continuous 1pc.construction;
  • Exclusive Skate Guard coating technology;
  • Easy mount tab indicators with installation guidelines;
  • 1lb. spool of lacing twine;


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