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Today's Mats

The gym mat that was once conceived to be exclusive to the imported continental gymnastics of the early 19th century has long since evolved, adapting to the 21st century mix of a healthy lifestyle balanced with regular doses of athleticism. The heavy slab style tufted mats of the gymnasium have morphed into the sleek superlight skins of today’s fitness studios. The fitness craze that combusted in the eighties sparked by the quest for the athletic physique has been in constant motion targeting a diverse and expanding audience. Current brands of fitness, incorporate varying proportions of strength & endurance training, with flexible degrees of intensity. These programs, such as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Body Weight Training, Boot Camp, & Cross Training, address and apply to all age levels and athletic abilities.

QUED brand mats and padding come together using quality materials, precision workmanship and innovative design. For over 5 decades the QUED brand has been elevating its padded product to not just deliver the peace of mind of a safe environment but to enhance the performance experience. Mats and padding designed to suit the multidisciplinary environment to the extreme sport specific application, let us take the guess work out of your padded options to ensure that the best safety practices are in place. Consult the following helpful guidelines; What to Consider; The Specifics for insight on materials; The Target for the list of discipline specific products.

What To Consider

The Specifics for insight on materials

Mats and Protective padding with few components and potential designs are not complicated and so quality materials and skilled workmanship are integral to the conception of choice padding.

Cover- 18oz vinyl coated over a polyester scrim
Foam- Open cell for cushioning and high impact attenuation vs Closed cell for stability and rebound Finishing- Double sewn seams using 23lb. test nylon thread
Options- 1st grade, full 2 in. wide Velcro; YKK® zipper closures; Handles: Flaps with grommets or Velcro; loop hangers; Folds, Color matching.

The Target for the list of discipline specific products

Youth Training/Fitness

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) defines youth as a child who has not yet reached, or is going through, physical maturity. The new and young potential athlete is encouraged to a program of general physical fitness as a prerequisite for engaging in youth sports, to garner not only general fitness skills but also to reduce the potential of sport specific injury. “When preparing the young athlete for sports participation, it is important to include multi-joint exercises that require balance stabilization and coordination.”(ACSM- American College of sports medicine) Age appropriate programs, competent supervision, proper technique and a safe exercise area, are all essential to the strength training program targeting the young athlete.

#11, #12, #30, #50, #60, #69, #70, #80, #90

Adult Fitness/Training

One of the most rapidly growing fitness populations, the ‘Active Agers’, are a most diverse group with a wide ranging level of athleticism, mobility and motivation. The new and active view to the aging lifestyle encourages resistance training to slow the decline of muscle mass and functional ability. In effect the benefits of physical activity apply to the young and old, healthy and strong and to the ailing and weak.

#11, #12, #30, #40, #69, #70, #80

Rehabilitation & Therapeutic Wellness

Rehabilitation & Therapeutic Wellness-Fitness for athletics has grown to include fitness for health care, guided by the conclusive evidence from research that links the benefits of participation in regular physical activity to the prevention and maintenance of chronic disease (as reported by ACE (American Council on Exercise) & MFA (Medical Fitness Association)). “With health care systems now widely adopting the Population Health Management (PHM) care model, regular physical activity and exercise is now a must-have lifestyle behavior priority.” (ACSM/American College of Sports Medicine) Functional fitness, exercise to train and develop muscles, is prescribed to regain every day movement that can be lost to disease or in rehabilitation.

#11, #12, #30, #50, #69, #70

Flexibility Training

The common mantra that links all the classic and new age fitness trends is the importance of the Warm-up and the Cool down. Not only to improve the trainers level of performance but to accelerate the recovery process. “Warming-up and cooling down are good for your exercise performance- you’ll do better, faster, stronger”, as reported by AHA (American Heart Association). Dynamic stretches, slow controlled movements through the full range of motion, for Warm-up and static stretches for Cool down, prepare the body for exercise and help prevent injury, look to our full range of suitable padded surfaces.

#11, #12, #30, #50, #69, #70

Exercise Training

The fitness movement has become such a popular lifestyle force due to growing evidence of the health benefits for both physical and spiritual well-being. Regular physical activity for all is the healthier choice and with the athletic industries wide ranging response with varying programs, the appeal and accessibility has never been more attainable.

#11, #12, #30, #40, #50, #69, #70, #90

Recreational and Competitive Climbing

Climbing walls have gained popularity for its platform of appealing to multiple user groups with wide ranging skill sets and thrill of adventure. This all-inclusive entertaining sport offers a stimulating environment that promotes both cognitive and athletic skill. Whether it be rock climbing or bouldering the audience is wide and climbing walls have found their ways into independent commercial climbing facilities, gymnasiums, private institutions and military institutions. While there are no set standards for climbing padding, the industry recommends an 8’ padded surface from the furthest overhang and 1”thick padding for every 12” of free fall vertical climb. Recommended maximum height for youth is 15’ with a softer landing surface in a 2”, 3” or 4” thickness.

#60, #80

Combat Training

Physical training for occupational performance especially for the physical demands required for military and emergency rescue professionals as well as the construction and warehouse industry, can be used as both injury prevention and rehabilitation. BCT or boot camp, Martial Arts, Boxing gyms, essentially tactical fitness, has gone through a resurgence in recent years for its appeal of the collegial recreational experience that elevates functional strength and overall conditioning.

#40, #50, #80

Stunt Work and Performance Arts

The QUED brand of mats has a long history in supplying the entertainment industry with a “can do” philosophy on anything padded, The QUED brand has enjoyed its own celebrity status in supplying stage sets from Cirque du Soleil to World Wrestling Federation. We have gleamed much know how in over 50 years of padding exploration which has kept our padded line on the cutting edge with a strong sense of quality integrity.

#30, #40, #80 #90

Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporations are seeing the value of encouraging fitness to workers for the added benefits of increased energy levels, stamina and focus. Convenient exercise space can lead to healthier habits that can motivate and inspire employees with the benefits of improved behavior and sense of well-being. Other aspects such as social interaction and confidence can bring positive results to a more productive and efficient work day.

#11, #30, #50, #69, #70