Column Pad


QUED custom column pads are designed to offer full protection against impact collision. Freestanding pads that are easily installed and lightweight for convenience of removal and storage. Choose from lace-up or Velcro flap closure for an easy mount system. QUED brand column pads are designed to offer maximum protection with minimal obstruction. Affordable and aesthetically pleasing, this padded solution offers great value in enhancing the athletic experience.

  • The Column Pad is designed to offer complete cushioning around any square structure fullu padding 2, 3 or 4 sides.
  • Complete 90° corner protection for reduced risk of injury.
  • Fitted sleek design to minimize obstruction of activity.
  • Presicion tailoring to accomodate angles, protruding bases, anchor bolts, outlets, light switches, alarm panels or conduits.
  • 60 ILD polyurethane foam offers a balance of absorption and resistance to decelerate gravity driven impact.
  • Durable 18 oz vinyl cover is extremely long lasting.
  • Options include: 2 in, 3 in or 4 in thickness, full range of colors, 2 in wide Velcro or lace-up flaps, digital graphics, and security tabs.


Material Properties

  • Durable 0.61 kg/sq.m. (18oz/sq/yd.) fire resistant polyester reinforced vinyl cover;
  • 1 kg (2.2 lb) 60 ILD absorbent polyurethane foam in 2 in, 3 in or 4 in thickness;
  • Compleate 360° coverage with full length Velcro or lace-up flap;
  • All seams double sewn;
  • 23 lb test nylon thread.


Download our product sheet and specifications.