Structure Overview

The QUED brand lineup of metal and aluminum products had its humble beginnings in 1983 when the company expanded production of the Divider Curtain product line to include all faucets of the system. This product line which began with the structural components of the divider systems grew to include sport goals, golf and batting cages, mat and floor cover storage carts, goal transporters and volleyball standards.

Constantly evolving design detail, the QUED team focuses on cutting edge innovation to improving strength, functionality, efficiency, longevity and performance. Exceeding industry standards, QUED brand structures are lightweight for ease in set up and mobility without compromise to strength. Controlled welds ensure proper distribution of stress. Durability and corrosion prevention are maximized through powder coating or plating. All QUED brand structures go through precision manufacturing processes resulting in products that are visually appealing and offer unmatched enduring performance.