Mobile Storage Truck


QUED Mobile Storage truck delivers an efficient and convenient system for storing floor covers. Improved low centre of gravity design is compact and streamline with heavy weight steel composition that is extremely durable. These features are designed to increase safety for unsupervised operation. All components are plated or aluminium which delivers a lifelong maintenance -free and new appearance. See design detail that make this model the best buy.

  • The QUED mobile storage truck is designed to store up to 10 rolls of vinyl floor cover;
  • All parts are bright zinc plated steel or anodized aluminium that will not scratch, rust or mar;
  • Low compact design lowers centre of gravity for safer unsupervised operation;
  • Padded velcro attachments simplify installing floor covers to the truck and reduces creases to the cover in storage.
  • Designed to pass through standard doorways;
  • Roll up tubes are 3"diamter anodized aluminium with 2" continuous velcro attachment that facilitates quick easy alignment of covers on to the rolls (note; vinyl rolls are finished with velcro at both ends allowing the covers to be rolled up from either end);
  • The locking devices are permanently mounted on each roll and are not dependent on long narrow pins that may bend or be lost;
  • High quality wheels run easily over floors and irregular surfaces;
  • Wheels are mounted at the extremities of the truck for added stability and safety;
  • Chassis consists of 1-1/2" and 1-1/2" rectangular tubing offering maximum rigidity to weight ratio.

SKU 1-78
Mobile Storage Truck

Material Properties

  • All parts zinc plated steel or anodized aluminium;
  • 3" dia. anodized aluminium roll up tubes;
  • Supplied with 2 handles;
  • Permanently mounted locking devices;
  • 4 large 5" polyurethane swivel castors with 2 brakes;
  • High quality wheels rated for 900 lbs each;
  • Dimension: 34" wide x 11' long x 54" high.


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