NHL Goal Frame


QUED NHL Pro Goals will offer years of continued use as our tested steel components and powder coat paint finish, are uncompromised. The 2-3/8"od front pipe is bent to form using a single length continuous steel pipe, eliminating welded elbows to avoid potential weaknesses.

Supplied in regulation 44" or 34" depth to fit specific needs. Goals are shipped on oversize pallets with a fully protected sheath. Weight per pair 220lbs. Please note: Net and pads are not included in price.

SKU 3-122
NHL Goal Frame

Material Properties

  • Front pipe is 2" schedule 80;
  • Bottom pipe is 1.99 tube x 125 wall;
  • Top pipe & vertical support is 1.33 x100 wall;
  • Lacing attachment is 1/4"solid wire welded at every 2-1/2" to frame;
  • Ship weight per pair: 220 lbs.


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